Expert Truck Painting in Brisbane

Burpengary Truck Refinishing is your one-stop, all-inclusive, truck painting service in Brisbane and wider Queensland. Contact us if you need your truck repainted, need rebranding for a commercial fleet, or need a combination of panel beating and repainting.

BTR’s Truck Painting Services

Modern truck painting is a combination of high-tech painting equipment and trained expertise. Our experts use the latest Imron paints, the same kind used on Jumbo jets, to deliver a superior finish and excellent on-road durability.

Our services include:

  • Expert tradespeople with many years of experience in all types of vehicles.
  • Top quality paints for that fabulous better-than-new look.
  • Attention to detail and quality of finishes, to deliver that superb paint job that looks better-than-new and presents well to clients.
  • Thorough, meticulous paintwork with no short cuts.
  • Guaranteed for 10 years.

 Brisbane’s Custom Truck Painting Specialists

We offer a broad range of personalised services for truck painting. We can help with rebranding and fleet repainting, offering thorough colour selection and customised decals.

Custom services are in demand throughout Australia’s highly competitive trucking industry. The design of your fleet is the face you show to the public, projecting an image of professionalism to clients.

We understand the importance of very high quality presentation and immaculate, durable finishes on hardworking vehicles.

Our superior paints and meticulous workmanship are ideal for big rigs, intended to showcase your brand around the country.

We can assist with colour management, matching your paint job to your brand, logo or commercial design, and fixing any technical issues. Our friendly experts will be happy to assist with any work you require, from rust management to a full repaint job that looks better than ever.

We also understand that you need all of your trucks on the road ASAP. We provide a business-friendly, “On Time Every Time” service to get your trucks back on the job as soon as possible.

Ask Us

If you’d like to ask us for an obligation-free quote for your truck painting work, call us on (07) 3888 5899 or contact us online. Discuss your needs thoroughly with our expert team. We’ll be happy to provide any advice, guidance or services you need.

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